The Last Goldmine Review

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membersareaComprised of an ebook, video tutorials and Live Training, The Last Goldmine is a how-to by a internet marketer named Jamie Lewis. In his ebook and videos, he discusses the fact the he’s learned how to become successful at Internet affiliate marketing. Furthermore, with his ebook and tutorials, he also includes marketing campaigns that can be cut and paste into the the buyer’s website or blog to start earning revenue income.

In the ebook, buyer’s are taught a range of techniques on how to successfully become an affiliate marketer. When an individual is learning how to become an affiliate marketer, they will be able to choose products that they would like to represent to their specific niche audience that visits their website or blog. Along with reviewing the product or discussing pros and cons, they individual will also benefit from being an affiliate advertiser partner to the company.

The Last Goldmine is comprised of ten video modules, example advertising campaigns, The Last Goldmine software, and also a strategy guide. The first video module is referred to as The Owner’s Manual. This video module is an introduction for The Last Goldmine earning system, how to integrate SEO and it’s importance, important of back-linking, posting blog posts with relevant affiliate marketing advertisements, and more.
The next video module is titled Working With Campaigns; this video tutorial instructs people how to build their first marketing campaign, how to integrate the campaign, what to expect, and more. As far as the third video tutorial, this video teaches users how to multiple their income by applying certain techniques and strategies. The fourth video teaches how to make money utilising the social media services of Twitter; because Twitter is accessed daily by over 65 million users, it’s a great start for people to begin their affiliate marketing.

As for the fifth video, Jamie Lewis teaches subscribers how to successfully market and promote higher-quality and more expensive products and services. This in turn creates more revenue and income for the individual who is affiliate marketing. The sixth video deals with teaching the user all they need to know about Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO. When people apply the SEO techniques they’ve learned, they’ll learn how to optimise their sites and blogs for more page visits.

membersThe seventh video tutorial is labeled Forum Destroyer; this video teaches strategies on how to appropriately use forum marketing to advertise products and services. The important piece of the Forum Destroyer teaches people how to effectively market their product and answer guest questions, without seeming like a spammer. The eighth video module contains valuable information for users about how to make money off-line. Jamie teaches users how to utilize official Goldmine strategies to further market advertisements as an affiliate marketer.

The ninth tutorial is known as Dominating Clickbank; Clickbank is a known affiliate advertisement company. It’s important for affiliate marketers who want to become effective learn information from this network. So, Jamie takes the time to teach people all they need to know about Clickbank. As for the last video module, it teaches users how to continue to grow and sustain their affiliate marketing website or blog.

Along with the video modules and strategy guide are also the video campaign examples. These examples profile Jamie Lewis along with other professional Internet affiliate marketers. Throughout the 13 hours of video campaign examples, Jamie will demonstrate each one of the techniques and strategies explained in the video modules.


The Last Goldmine ebook, video tutorials and Live Training package comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee should people feel they need to return the product. However, Jamie Lewis is confident that with a membership to his ebook and video tutorial packages, those who are serious about becoming a successful Internet affiliate marketer will be more than capable.


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Who is Jamie Lewis? In-Depth Bio

Jamie Lewis Scam?Jamie Lewis, also known as Nebula, is an entrepreneur and online marketing guru. In 2007, he was in the top 100 on Clickbank, and he has continued to innovate and grow his online marketing presence since then. He has nine years of experience in internet marketing, and almost 20 years experience in computing in general. In 2009, he decided to expand from promoting Clickbank products to teaching online marketing, and launching his own products.

Products and Services Made By Jamie Lewis

Jamie Lewis was the founder of and Sonic Collectively, those enterprises have made millions of dollars. Today, he devotes a lot of his time to helping others make their own successful businesses.

Jamie is also a musician. When he lost his job at well-known advertising house because of a personality clash with some of the other musicians, he decided that it was time to go-it alone. He already had some good freelance opportunities coming in, and was gaining some notoriety under his stage name, Nebula. He was well on his way to achieving hip-hop success. His first e-commerce site was Best Beats Online, a site which he launched in 2004, and used to sell hip hop beats. It did not take him long to realize that the market for premium beats was dying out. People did not want to spend money to license beats when there were plenty of perfectly usable ones available for free elsewhere online.

After Best Beats Online failed, he decided to re-launch with a simpler, streamlined product – Beats 365. This site took a different approach. Instead of selling off beats piecemeal, offering exclusive rights to one track at a time for a premium price, he offered all his tracks for a one-time, affordable membership fee, and brought in affiliates to promote his products. This method worked, and he made a lot of money. The psychology of sales is simple – if a product is too expensive, no-one will be able to afford it. If the product is too cheap, people will think it is low quality, even if they can see or hear for themselves that it’s actually good. A mid-range price, and an army of affiliates to build your brand, is the perfect combination.

Other Online Successes

After setting up a series of music sites, Jamie decided to expand to other parts of the music sector. He became an affiliate for a store selling musical instruments, and enjoyed some good success with that, but he was not content with being someone else’s affiliate, even if the commissions were good. So, he decided to launch some more of his own products, including a popular dating advice ebook in which he told readers about how he broke up with, and then later reconciled with his girlfriend. The book proved so popular that he made more than $200 per day from it. He also tried his hand at site-flipping, and managed to sell one particular website for an astounding $38,000.

Sharing His Success

Jamie has had his share of successes and failures in the online marketing space. He has built and sold websites, worked with people who had massively successful YouTube accounts, made friends, and had interesting encounters with scammers. One thing he noticed while working with his friends (both online, and real-life friends) is that there is a common misconception in the world of online marketing. Many people assume that the only niche with any potential for success is the “Make Money Online” or Internet Marketing niche. That could not be further from the truth.

Online marketing is the niche that most people get started with, but you can succeed in other niches if you are committed and you write killer content. That’s what Lewis wants to teach people. So, who is Jamie Lewis? He is an author, musician, YouTube sensation and online marketer. He is not just some random Internet Marketing guru – he is the person who is there to tell you to stop buying ebooks and trying the latest “marketing trick”, and start working hard and producing content in a niche you know well. Do what you love, and you will succeed online.

Getting Cheap Traffic From Facebook for Your Goldmine Business

facebookWho ever said that getting traffic to your business website had to cost money was wrong. You can get a lot of inexpensive traffic cheap or free from facebook.

Facebook, for anyone who doesn’t know, is one of the largest social networks out there. It’s free to use and you can use it to create a business page or fan page as well as your own personal page.

Using facebook to create a business page is quick and easy. All you have to do is create the page and then spread the word. You can invite your friends, your business associates and more to view this page and “like” it.

The more likes you get, the more prominent your page will rank. The higher your page ranks, the more visibility your page will have.

You can update your page several times per day, once a day, weekly or monthly. It’s all up to you but, the ones who are gaining the most visibility are the ones who update their page at least daily or a few times per day. Read More…

Affiliate Marketing The Last Goldmine – More Of A Get Rich Promise Than A Get Rich Scheme

If you were born anytime within the past 50 years, you probably use the internet on a daily basis. We use it for virtually ever aspect of our lives. We stay connected with friends, we pay our bills, we get our information all from the internet. Now at one point or another, you have probably come across an website, ad or article that tries to sell you on some sort of internet get rich quick scheme. Every now and then you come across someone who has made a great deal of money from the internet. So, are these schemes real? In most cases they are most definitely not. However, there is one way that you can make money on the internet that pretty much guarantees great return. I am talking about affiliate marketing and if I have piqued your interest, you’re in luck. In the article below, I will explain why affiliate marketing is such a lucrative endeavor and what you will need to get started. Read on if you would like to learn a bit more about the wonderful world of affiliate marketing.

Before we explain just how lucrative affiliate marketing can be, it would probably be wise for us to explain exactly what affiliate marketing is. For those of you who don’t know, affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing tactic in which a company or business will pay you for bringing them business. They are referred to as affiliates and they can be anything from beauty products to fishing supplies. Basically, an affiliate marketer will set up ads from one or several affiliates on their website, blog, basically any sort of presence they have online. As an affiliate marketer you are essentially a commercial for your affiliates. The more business that you generate for them, the more money you will be rewarded by your affiliate.

Now, before you get too excited, you need to understand that affiliate marketing is no get quick rich scheme. You aren’t going to be able to just sit back and watch the money pile up with little effort on your part. Quite the opposite in fact. Affiliate marketing is going to take quite a bit of effort on your part, especially if you are just starting out. Sure you could simply place an affiliate’s ad on your Facebook page and make a couple dollars a week, but if you really want to take advantage of this industry, it is going to require time, dedication and patients.

Hopefully, that last part didn’t scare you away. The fact of the matter is, most people give up on their affiliate marketing efforts far too soon because they don’t see high enough returns quickly enough. If you give it enough time, the money you can make is truly astounding. There are several affiliate marketers out there who have become millionaires solely through affiliate marketing. These people didn’t just luck out, they worked hard and dedicated themselves to generating as much traffic as possible. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that it is not overly complicated. Sure, you may have to teach yourself a bit about SEO or HTML coding in the beginning, but once you learn the basics, you can set up as many affiliate sites as you want.

At the end of the day, it has been proven by countless people across the world that affiliate marketing is indeed a worthwhile endeavor. You can generate a whole lot of money and the best part is, you can manage to do it around your work/school schedule. So what are you waiting for, give affiliate marketing a try today!